Moto heroes present Morex Custom - Sea, Surf and Bike

Moto heroes present Morex Custom - Sea, Surf and Bike

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Moto Heroes, a Custom reference

The Moto Heroes magazine is a reference in the world of Custom, it is an honor for our brand to appear on the pages of this storyteller of stories and mechanical exploits. For them as for us, motorcycling is an art, discover our adventures in their pages…

Article by Philippe Canville for Moto Heroes 

Brands that combine motorcycling, surfing, clothing and partying at the table or at the bar...we've seen that for ages. But when it's Frenchies who get into the business, it immediately takes on a less stuffy and frankly more joyful dimension. Meeting with the gang at Morex... not sad!

The mood of the time was gloomy enough in some respects to make it necessary for many of us little humans tossed around by so many incomprehensible things and constraints to find a breath of fresh air. The one we aspire to and who goes hand in hand with our passions and our dreams. Set up a bar or a restaurant where you can party with customers, organize motorcycle trips in the middle of nowhere, set off with your surfboard under your arm in search of the most famous spots on the immense coastline of our countries, build cool and very personal bikes…. In short, live without worrying too much about what our future could become and enjoy the present moment (hence the Carpe Diem of the title).

It is undoubtedly through a form of reaction and deep-rooted desire that Simon and Kevin decided to found Morex Custom. A brand very inspired by Deus ex Machina (it's Simon Bouvier who says it) and the whole world of surfing, bikes and the good life. The story begins with a meeting of the two acolytes on a surf spot in the southwest. Simon leaves to hunt the wave at a friend's house, he meets Kevin Morel, endurist and "crosser", surfer in his spare time, daredevil and full-time daredevil. He has two brothers Joan and Alan. These brothers are especially endowed with a paternal great specialist in desert races, pilot on the Paris-Dakar, in two and four wheels. These three spent their youth smashing their legs, shoulders, neurons to create all the imaginable machines that could be used to scare each other. A little Jackass side - without the trash side - inscribed in the genetic code of this sibling who, very quickly, will adopt the fourth, namely Simon (our interlocutor today). In short, here is a well-knit "crew" a little like the "three" musketeers, custom culture version, more inclined to jokes than romance. Convinced and united around this whole world of sliding and biking, music and partying, they finally decided to create a brand. Morex was born! And why this name? It is Simon, public relations and multitasking accounting secretary who explains: "Kevin used to have big parties in a huge room in Villedieu-les-Poêles (14). One of his friends finds the place so excessive that it is reminiscent of the Grand Rex (Paris). There you go! Mo for Morel. Rex for the Parisian place. That's Morex". Yes, good why not. This has at least the originality of not ending up in a Garage or Bike Shop or all these variations of a universe that has been widely developed in recent years. And what are the Morex boys doing? Simon continues: "We wanted to do something for ourselves, found a brand linked to our centers of interest and our passions. And then, since we've been tinkering with our bikes since we were kids..., we also wanted to have a place to receive our customers and our friends". It's been done since the summer of 2019 when they opened their establishment in the inner suburbs of Rennes, in Vezin-le-Coquet (it can't be invented!). There, the activities are divided between the bar and the restaurant, the parties and the evenings. Just recently, a contest brought together sixty custom motorcycles in a huge autumn fiesta during a weekend. Things are really moving on the custom scene in Brittany.

As for the mechanical part, the workshop remained in the lands of origin, in Normandy. It is Joan and Kevin who mainly work, helped by Valentin who has just joined the team, on different motorcycles that are not too sophisticated but terribly chiadé, on bases of 125 TW Yamaha, Honda 650 Dominator and 500 CX, the latter serving as a laboratory to the development of special parts entirely designed and produced in the workshop. On this subject, moreover, Simon specifies: "We have already made about twenty bikes, many improved and revamped 125 TWs, at the moment we are working on a Dominator which is a little more sophisticated than the previous ones and our objective is to pass to more elaborate and complex things. There is a demand for motorcycles of different types with higher budgets. We're really going to step up a gear. This has been our goal from the start. “ Ah! it smells of professionalization (they can claim it when you see the machines they are releasing) and the puzzle perhaps? Apparently not, since the team's philosophy is not to lose sight of the real choices that have brought them here. We are reassured. But we would like to know a little more anyway. About the store for example. Simon launches: “ We also wanted to impose our name and make it known. So, once the logo was created, we declined the name on T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats... finally on everything that makes a cool dressing room with products manufactured under our control. To this we added accessories and shirts or jackets, shorts. We try to stay within reasonable prices while seeking quality and looks. And we have a women's collection. To market these products, we have set up a website where you can even order surfboards. Even if there we still advise customers to contact us. »

Ah yes, we couldn't forget surfing, since it's one of the disciplines to which all the members of the troupe are addicted. There are therefore many options and proposals ranging from Malibu-type longboards in 9 or 9.6 inches to shorter fishs (from 5.10 to 6.4) in single or twin, all these boards being made to order by a renowned shaper from Hossegor, partner of Morex, and recognized in the industry. Sizes, decorations, shapes..., it would be surprising if you couldn't find the board you need here. Going back to Hossegor and the Basque coast, we can say that the Morex gang saw their best moments there and that they are seriously considering opening a house in the neighborhood soon.  A kind of second spot where the atmosphere of Rennes would make buddy-buddy with that of the French Basque country. A good idea that is fully justified as our friends seem not to want to stop at their promising beginnings. Thinking big, when you're motivated like them, it's not a handicap, quite the contrary. It is Simon, moreover, who gives some possible directions: “We can see that it works well, that our products are popular and that we have demand for motorcycles and our surfboards. So why not continue and above all try to meet a demand that is in the southwest. We have already received proposals, we are thinking about different options but one thing is certain, we want to give more weight to our brand and share our passion for these universes which coexist very well. Yes , okay, but you guys aren't going to be alone. In this matter, there are many called and often few elected. How will your competitors welcome you? Simon replies: “Pretty well I think. We have very good contacts there. We bring a slightly different vision and we have ambitions that don't necessarily compete with others. The whole Basque coast and the Atlantic coast are full of spots. More and more people are settling near the coast. From southern Brittany to Spain, there is plenty to do. So it's time for us to step up and achieve more of what we have already achieved at our simple level. To finish convincing us, Simon invites us to take a look at the restaurant menu in Rennes. Well, here is another aspect of Morex Custom that we are happy about. It seems to us that for a nice bowl between friends or a visit to the shop with your sweetheart, this is the address you need to know. A site in the name of the brand will inform you in more detail. Good evening and do like them, take advantage of the present time.

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