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PORTRAIT: Olivia and Kévin, a first motorcycle road trip experience through Corsica: from the construction to the realization of a travel project as a duo.

When they meet in the midst of the Covid pandemic, these two vitreans find themselves confined together for several weeks. Not really ideal for these two travel lovers who find themselves assigned to their home but to whom this ordeal gives them even more the desire to discover the world. When they told us about their project, it was obvious that the entire Morex team would share their vision and values ​​and accompany them on their journey...

Kevin is 31 years old and as far back as he can remember he has always ridden motorcycles. This bike enthusiast has known the classic biker route, going from moped to scout then to 125 and finally to motorcycle. Sporty at first, he then turns to custom cafe racers of which he has several models to his credit, in short, always a motorcycle to tinker with in his garage. Olivia is 30 years old, she is a photographer. The motorcycle has also always been part of her life, first as a passenger and through her lens, then as a rider after passing her motorcycle license a few months ago. Strong sensations do not scare this rider eager for discovery and adventure.

After years of traveling the world on their own, the desire to travel together naturally imposed itself. The idea of ​​a road trip is gradually gaining ground, Olivia is familiar with this type of experience since she has already gone several times in a 4x4 or van across Europe and the United States. Kevin for his part travels a lot for work, especially in Asia and South America. For the two Vitreans, holidays do not rhyme with an all-inclusive club hotel. What they like is the adventure, the slightly “roots” side and the direct contact with the local populations. Out of the question for lovers to spend the day lounging by the pool.

The desire for motorcycle experience is gradually gaining ground. Last year, they bought a BWM 1200 GS: a typical motorbike built for riding. They equip their bike with the line of sight travel and give it a little makeover to make it unique. Olivia makes a mockup on photoshop and the motorcycle is adorned with a beautiful unique green covering. Nothing is left to chance, all the camping equipment fits in the luggage storage and supports provided for the occasion: the equivalent of two suitcases all the same!

Corsica, the ideal destination

Corsica quickly established itself as the ideal destination. For a first motorcycle road trip, it's a French destination that has nothing to envy to distant countries: beautiful roads, sunshine and incredible nature. The route begins in Vitré and begins with a crossing of the whole of France. For the rest, the two travelers have not planned anything: they decide their route day by day according to their favorites and what they want to see. In ten days there, they spend three hours a day on their bike and leave the rest of the time to discover all that this beautiful place has to offer. Hikes, swimming and meetings with the population.

The memory they keep is that of a trip “stuck-tight” for two on a motorbike or in a tent and entire days spent together: a couple experience that strengthens the bonds. For their next trip, the two Bretons have some ideas, still no all inclusive and a desire to continue with a motorcycle. And why not two? Everyone has their own to challenge themselves, to see the road differently for Olivia behind her own handlebars. And for the destinations, there is no shortage of ideas, including that of a route in Romania on “the most beautiful road in the world” or even across the whole of Europe.

Photo credit: Olivia Poirier

Corsican motorcycle


Motorcycle Corsica


Motorcycle Corsica


Motorcycle Corsica


Motorcycle Corsica


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