Our custom creations

Custom project?

At Morex Custom, we are passionate about creating bespoke custom motorcycles. We believe that every motorcycle should be a unique work of art that reflects the personality of its owner. We work with you to design your dream motorcycle, taking into account your style, utility and performance preferences. We offer a range of custom motorcycle styles, such as Brat Style, Chopper, Bobber and Scrambler , and we can also create unique style for you. We choose a sound mechanical base, adapted to your use, and we create custom parts to make your motorcycle unique. Our custom motorcycle design services are complete and include the research of the base, the drawing of the project, the manufacture of custom parts, painting, finishing and installation. We pride ourselves on our welding, sheet metal and painting expertise, which allows us to create custom motorcycles of exceptional quality.

Brat style, chopper, bobber, scrambler

Lots of adjectives to define the different custom motorcycles so here is a summary of what we do!
When you carry out a project, the important thing is that it looks like you, sticks to your image. Custom is considered art in its own right at Morex Custom. The main steps to make a custom on a sound mechanical basis are very important. The first question is what use? alone or in pairs? City or countryside? rather access on the off road or for large curves of asphalt? These questions will help us determine the style of the motorcycle.

Next comes the search for the base of the motorcycle. No matter the engine size, year or brand, it only takes inspiration to make it a unique motorcycle. Once the base has been found, a pencil and a sheet will be the first tools to draw the main lines of the project! Sometimes, only the engine is useful: the frame, the fork, the wheels will come from elsewhere. Little by little, screw by screw, we compose the motorcycle and we manufacture the missing parts. Tank, handlebars, brakes, wheels, headlight, turn signal, lights... Anything goes! Do not hesitate to entrust us with your custom motorcycle project and we will be delighted to create a unique motorcycle for you.