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The Savoyards storming the Etna volcano

On November 10, the group of videographers "Oui la ride" made up of five Savoyard friends of long standing, went to Sicily to ski on the ashes of Etna. Morex Custom followed them on their adventures.
“Oui la ride”: more than a slogan, a way of life.
During confinement, Aubry Bertin, Sébastien Nouvel, Jonathan Himpens and Anthony Cot decided to create an Instagram account and a Youtube page to share their content around the adventure: "we were already making offbeat videos without having thought of making a group of them. and distribute them. »
This small group of mountaineers passionate about thrills was formed in Bourg-Saint-Maurice with the aim of bringing together the individual skills of ski instructors, trackers, videographers around the common project of travel and adventure.
“It was new for us”
After many quirky “at home” videos , they embark on a new challenge: go skiing on the ashes of the Etna volcano in Sicily. In search of adventure and without fear of the unknown, the group of riders leaves with no guideline or organization.
 On site, they are guided by Sam Cavallaro. The site being protected, our five adventurers had to negotiate to access it but the difficulty does not scare them “ When we are together we go there, we don't hesitate . »
On their arrival at the top, they were not disappointed " it was new for us, skiing on ashes, it was like a film set, we thought we were on the moon" . Despite the few falls on this slippery ash and the abrasive pebbles, the trip is worth the effort “ what a pleasure to ski in a setting like this ”.
From this extraordinary adventure "Oui la ride" draws a beautiful fifteen-minute video that traces this crazy idea from its birth to its realization published on their social networks.
 Our Savoyards are not lacking in ideas, ready to discover the world in search of discoveries “we would like to set ourselves a big challenge every 4-5 months”. Next May, the riders are aiming for Norway “ This time, we stop skiing on rocks. We plan to go on a roaming trip on Norwegian land to get to know the territory, the ski spots…” . For this trip, the team wants to think big and appeal to sponsors.

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Yes the wrinkle
Yes the wrinkle
Yes the wrinkle
Yes the wrinkle
Yes the wrinkle