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Morex Custom honored BikeExif, reference motorcycle blog.

Customizing motorcycles is an art that requires creativity, passion and expertise. At Morex Custom, we are proud of our work in customizing motorcycles and even more so when one of our achievements has been honored by BikeExif , one of the biggest motorcycle blogs in the world!

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What is BikeExif?

BikeExif is one of the most influential blogs in the world dedicated to motorcycles and motorcycle customization. It is based in Australia and was established in 2008 by Chris Hunter. Since then, he has become an inspiration to motorcycle enthusiasts and industry professionals.

In its blog, BikeExif presents custom motorcycles, reports on motorcycle events around the world, interviews with motorcycle manufacturers, workshops and creators and many other contents on this universe.

The blog is now considered a reference in the world of motorcycle customization and has won numerous awards for the quality of its content.

So if you don't know BikeExif , I strongly recommend you to take a look and join this great community!

BikeExif presents the Honda Dominator

BikeExif chose to talk about our work on the Honda dominator. BikeExif published an article about our custom version of the Honda Dominator. The article highlights the modifications made to the motorcycle, as well as the skills and know-how of Morex Custom.

The article can be found right here:

Honda Dominator face

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