Morex x Vans


An idea straight from the Morex teams who wanted to offer you an exclusive collection of customized Vans pairs in limited edition .
5 models, 5 universes that reflect a true fusion between art and footwear. Virtually unique, each pair was produced in only 20 copies. Let us tell you the story of this collection and introduce you to the models that make it up.
vans x morex custom
It all starts with the desire to bring something new to our community and to offer two pairs of Morex Custom Custom Vans. Immersed and launched in the project, the desire to create a universe around each shoe is essential to us. And why not push the project a little further? Finally, it's not two but five models that we had the chance to present to you on Wednesday June 14 at 6:00 p.m.
Several emblematic models from Van's have been chosen and carefully customized to become pairs anchored in the universe of our brand: aesthetics, thirst for adventure, motor sports, surfing, skateboarding and riding. in general.


The first, the classic white high-top SK8-HI, Vans' flagship model, becomes the Flash Tatoo . A true work of art in this collection, its design was not thought of by chance. Skateboards , surfboards , waves , screws and lightning are all graphics that we have created and that we embody through our image. The choice to add a gothic typography, that of our Dye capsule collection, was also considered.
Flash tattoo SK8-hi vans


In the “High Sneakers” category, you will also find the rebel called Hold-Up. Inspired by the classic Old Skool model, this pair further embodies the underground spirit of Morex Custom. Here again, the choice of finishes reflects a desire to reinforce its uniqueness. The touch of red accentuates its character with its connotations of danger and prohibition. The white stitching contrasts with its black fabric. The color and typology of the logotype as well as the white leather side-stripe also come to oppose the dark colors and the rebellious spirit of the shoe.
Vans holdup sk8-HI
Finally, the vans Flash Tatoo and the Hold-Up have as many similarities in their values ​​of adventure and freedom, as differences in their characteristics. We are proud to have affixed pewter lace-locks to each of the shoes : small works of art in their own right. We attach great importance to care and detail and these were shaped, one-by-one, by a Norman craftsman on his jeweler's workbench according to the ancestral practices of jewelry (click here to see the creation of the medallion) .


Adds to the beloved Power Supply collection. This more discreet model, combining style, sobriety and elegance, will accompany you in your daily life. Adorned with its black fabric, its white side-stripe and our original Morex Custom logotype, these shoes are part of the brand's "core collection". Designed and personalized for skate enthusiasts, its lightning bolt design further integrates it into the world of riding. Skater friends, this pair is made for you.
Power supply Vans SK8-low


Our two Trash Ride models complete this collection that we have so enjoyed creating and inventing. The fruit of our imagination has given life to two shoes that are totally opposed in terms of color. The first, the "White" , is made up of a white fabric and sole but with black designs and logos. Conversely, the "Black" , totally black and is provided with white inscriptions and patterns.
These two pairs characterize the urban spirit of Morex where the influences of street-art and graffiti harmoniously merge. "Ride is a way to be free" is a leitmotiv that has accompanied us since day one and that it was important for us to share.
Trash ride vans slip-one
As you will have understood, these five pairs have an important place in our hearts. Each model was thought out and then drawn by our graphic designer in line with the universes that we embody. They all have different characteristics that make them a little more unique from each other. The shoes are customized manually, with care and precision, by artists in their studio. The final touch that will make your pair unique: its number indelibly engraved on its certificate of authenticity and on each sneaker.
We wanted these pairs to embody our brand values ​​and history, but the cards are now in your hands. It's up to you to write yours...

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Vans x morex custom backstage * Limited edition pairs, to be ordered while stocks last
Credits: Project Manager: Kyllian ROUE; Graphic designer: Zacharie COUSINEAU; Photographer: @theo.did