This unique and mythical motorcycle, staged in the road movie "EASY RIDER" became the symbol of freedom after the release of the film in 1969. The story tells the odyssey by motorcycle through the wide open spaces of the American South West. , of 2 young rebels who leave LOS ANGELES to go to a festival in New Orleans.

Two types of motorcycles were built for the screenplay based on four 1951 “HYDRA GLIDE” Harleys bought from the LAPD for $500. One of them named "BILLY BIKE" and piloted by Denis HOOPER was a relatively traditional chopper for the time. The other, the most famous, nicknamed "CAPTAIN AMERICA" and ridden by Peter FONDA, symbolized the exuberance of America with its patriotic colors and extravagant shapes.

Two copies, absolutely identical, were mounted in order to compensate for a possible mechanical failure. But one of the two, stolen after the shooting was never found. It is therefore the copy that we see burning at the end of the film that has been sold. It had been restored by a former actor named Dan HAGGERTY, who was in charge of the maintenance of the bike during filming, and soon became its proud owner. The motorcycle then had two other owners, before ending up in the auction room in 2014 at the price never reached by a motorcycle until then, of 1.35 million dollars.

There are a few reproductions in the world, not necessarily totally faithful to the original, and the example that is presented by MOREX CUSTOM, was built in California in 1989 and won the first prize for the best reproduction of the film at the Bike show of LAS VEGAS in 1996. Only the "EVO 1340" type engine was adapted to make the machine more reliable.