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Article by Bertrand Bussilet for Cafe Racer Magazine

“Born in a Garage, the three Morel brothers have made mechanics a passion and business a profession: they have just opened a small Breton deus in Rennes which does not ask to grow”.

The divine marriage is not a chimera: there are really people who practice surfing and motorcycling in France! We who thought that this skilful Australian-marketing construction to impose a range of

t-shirts was reserved for exotic lands, here we are dressed, preferably in Morex. “Surfing and motorcycling are two identical escape routes, the same way to have fun and wash your head. “The one who speaks thus is called Kevin Morel, 32 years old. For surfing, we don't know; but for the bike, we can't blame him for having discovered that with Deus ex Machina. Kevin was born in a mechanical workshop, that of his father Antoine Morel, a Dakar specialist on two and four wheels. Kevin practiced motorcycling even before entering elementary school, off-road of course (see box). But when you grow up in the Cotentin, land of the café-racer, you love stylish motorcycles, and the pilot was quick to modify his motorcycles. His first preparation was a Harley-Davidson; he has since chained with Dominator, CX, Four. “My 14° and 15° motorcycles are being assembled in the workshop. But I don't make preparations on demand: I make a bike that's fun, I develop it and keep it. Then I redo it in two or three copies for clients in order to fall on my feet. So there are the Dominator and CX Evo 1, 2 and 3.”


“Several times, while I was riding, I was asked what brand my motorcycle was. I quickly replied Morex Custom. It's a nod to the original workshop in Villedieu-les-Poêles. “In the basement, we had a party there on Friday evenings. The friends had renamed the place Morex Club, after the Rex in Paris. The name stuck, but Kevin already had that entrepreneurial flair. “At a party, I met Simon Bouvier. He loved surfing and motorcycling, and dreamed of doing Le Touquet. I suggested that he come to train the next morning at 6 a.m...." Thus was born a friendship, a project too: Bouvier had several auto centers in Rennes, and a building available on the road to Lorient, which is also the road to Breton surf spots. Kevin and Simon joined forces, supported by Michel Ohran, financier and motorcycle collector, to create the Morex

Custom House. “I had lived in Bali for 6 months, and I dreamed of also opening a living space where everyone can meet, like the Deus Temple. “Restaurant, shop, showroom: the House of 450 m2 and 100 m2 of terrace was completed during the first confinement. There are the motorcycles that are still made in Villedieu, a fusion-food style menu and the range of Morex-coloured clothing. Kevin's surfboard workshop has remained in the southwest for the time being. But there are still eleven people already gravitating to Morex, even if the business is obviously not yet running at full speed. Covid-19 obliges, the restaurant currently only sells take-out meals.


The Morex core remains in any case family. “Alan, my older brother, builds cars, including a hot-rod and a refurbished Cadillac. Joan, my little brother, manages the mechanical engineering, he designs the parts, does the welding. Me, I'm more about design and aesthetics. We have fun with each other, with the desire to go to the end of things! Kevin tells the Morex story perfectly, symbolized by a polished pewter medallion that can be found on the tanks of his machines as well as on his surfboards, via polished videos published on the company's website. Thus he federated a beautiful community, the very one that pushed him to develop a line of clothing and accessories, intended for those who cannot afford Morex motorcycles. “We have been developing this activity for a year because the demand is strong. The Morel brothers' brand certainly does not yet compete with Deus. But the Morex Custom House definitely puts Rennes on the map of the cool motorcyclist since the Breton capital is already rich in a few good addresses with the Garage de Félix, a Royal Racer soon... "Since the TGV put Rennes an hour from Paris is moving well, ”confirms Kevin.

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