L'océan de sable - Episode 3


At the end of February, we took off for a new adventure with a taste of discovery for some, back to the origin for others. It is with great impatience and a touch of apprehension that we leave our rainy Normandy on February 26 in the morning to set foot on the ground a few hours later in the heat of Morocco. Arrival in a rush of the Morex Custom team for a few days of an adventure that will mark us forever.

We won't be alone since Antoine and Maryse Morel, participants in many editions of the Paris Dakar rally, are coming with us. They find with us the Moroccan lands they know by heart and will be our guides in the desert of Chegaga, as magnificent as it is hostile.

We discover on our arrival the two 4×4 which will be our companions throughout the journey. A few hours later it is with a touch of concern that we open the doors of the truck that left several days ago by sea with our motorcycles. The trip went smoothly, we can't wait to find out what awaits us.

In the early morning, the day dawns and the motorcycles roar, the pilots are ready. We leave the road after a few kilometers to discover the track which will be our playground for the next few days. The team listens carefully to Antoine, he gives his last advice and indicates the course to follow. It's time for the big departure, the motorcycles take off, we set off to conquer the desert which has its share of surprises in store for us...

Discover "L'Océan de Sable", episode three of our series, the story of an adventure anchored in our heads forever. It will take you to discover the Moroccan desert, in the footsteps of our team through breathtaking landscapes.