The founders of Morex Custom, Alan, Kevin, Joan Morel and Simon Bouvier introduce themselves, one by one, in a short video: “The Question Box”. With a touch of humour, they define their role within Morex and answer various questions about their childhood, their meeting and what unites them above all: their passion for surfing and motorcycling.

Simon and Kevin, the co-founders of Morex would never have gotten here without each other. Their story begins at a party. Kevin sees in the distance "a little tanned surfer" with whom the feeling goes very well. A fraternal relationship is born and the passion that unites them embarks on the same adventure.

Both are complementary. Kevin, artistic director of the entire House and the Morex brand, could not have done without the skills in marketing strategy that Simon possesses and vice versa. They see each other as a source of motivation and still have many projects in mind to develop the brand.

Alan and Joan, Kevin's eldest and youngest brother, specialize in mechanics. Indeed, Morex Custom is above all a brand that has proven itself in motorcycles and cars. The heart of the brand's business, the motorcycle has become Morex's business card thanks to the know-how of the "little mechanical genius", Joan. Alan, passionate about the Dakar, actively contributes to the creation of unique and symbolic pieces of the brand.

The four friends are unanimous: the Morex House was born from their common desire to create a place in their image where they could immerse the customer in their universe. See you soon perhaps in one of the destinations that make them dream: Paris, Hossegor, Los Angeles or Bali...

To know a little more about the four founders of Morex, find the Question Box on Youtube or on our Instagram page @morexcustom , in the IGTV section.