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Presented in 1978, the CX 500 is an original machine for its time. Its aesthetics were considered a bit massive and its line not very balanced. However, its water-cooled transverse V-engine and its cardan transmission have earned it an indestructible reputation designed for the ever-rolling! It's a great base mechanic and quite a challenge.

Inspired by the world of motorcycle grand prix of its time, our customization takes up the codes of the "café racer".

The front is as clean as possible and the hand-crafted carbon rear shell on the transformed frame completes the straight, low and flowing line of the bike. At the handlebars, we literally feel like we're sitting on the engine, and each turn encourages us to lean ever closer to the ground.

Honda CX500 noir et blanc
Honda CX 500 black and white
Zoom sur Honda CX500 moto custom
Honda CX500 custom sur la route

A custom project?

Do not hesitate to entrust us with your custom project, we will be delighted to create a unique piece for you.

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