Kenny Thomas

Winner of France at an Incredible Talent 2020, double French Trial Champion and Top 3 at the 125 World Championship.

Kenny Thomas, 28 years old, I currently live in Paris and I have been a trial freestyle pilot since 2014 .

It's a mix between BMX, flat, freestyle motocross and trial which is the parent discipline. We are also inspired by skateboarding. We draw a little from everyone to make it a discipline in its own right, so we draw inspiration from cool and somewhat alternative disciplines. It is a sport that was created in 2004 by Julien Dupont . He's the pioneer and I started riding with him in 2014 and took over.

I started trial riding when I was 3 years old . It was my father and my grandfather who took care of me. As soon as my father had a free moment, and if not my grandparents, my grandmother took care of the homework and my grandfather of the motorcycle. I entered regional competition at the age of 6 .

Freedom , trial for me is synonymous with freedom. You do what you want with this bike. You can ride in a skatepark, on a cross field or in town. It's a mix between BMX, downhill biking and motorcycling in general. It's light and manageable, so for me it's really freedom!

The moment when I was able to start making a living with it. Otherwise, in terms of memories, I would say the first shows abroad, in Mexico and Japan. And if not, my victory over "Incroyable Talent" which will remain an incredible memory. So there are several, when you start earning a living with your passion and when you manage to have victories in this passion.

Currently in town, on the street . As soon as I find a spot, I study the possibilities and go for it. You can find both skateparks but also more difficult spots to ride, completely prohibited. You can find stairs, drops, natural ramps. I use street furniture to evolve.

There were quite a few, but the one where I hurt myself the most was on a small fall, so a big fall doesn't necessarily mean a big injury. But I would say a back flip with an electric motorcycle 5-6 years ago in the south. It was a big flip, but I didn't spin. However, I didn't hurt myself. For my biggest injury, it's the right knee upside down during a competition in Brittany in the French championship.

I would like freestyle trial to evolve, for the French Motorcycle Federation to take it seriously and start creating spots for it with educators who train young people to learn freestyle trial. That this discipline returns to X Games , I would like to work there for and start creating freestyle trial events to develop the discipline. Without competition, a discipline cannot evolve. So today, we need freestyle trial competitions. Today, it does not exist. There are only about ten of us in the world doing freestyle trial in terms of show, otherwise in street, I'm the only one. If not to train myself to pass new figures, we must be two with Romain Challié in the south. So in street, I'm the only one and in freestyle, we are two.

I would say that Hugo TSR and Nekfeu are, by far, my favorite artists in terms of text and personality.

The brand is really cool, the characters are super nice and it's above all a bunch of friends, so it goes without saying. And above all, the universe of Morex corresponds to the values ​​that I want to put forward: freedom, riding is for everyone, accessible to everyone, whether it's for surfing, skateboarding or motorcycling . They are quite open-minded, so it's the general state of mind that matches!

The velvet set is perfect for summer. You feel good in it, it's stylish and it's really my favorite. The others are also cool, but this one is suitable for mid-season, summer, whether I'm on a motorcycle or not. I even wear it when I ride a road bike!

Kenny Thomas en moto sur un skatepark
Kenny Thomas portrait
Kenny Thomas skatepark

Photo credit: @cocoricosun