La fratrie - Episode 1


Morex Custom was born in Normandy, from a passion rooted in the DNA of its founders. Always driven by a taste for adventure transmitted by their father, the Morel brothers did not arrive here by chance.

“We grew up in Normandy by the sea, always surrounded by engines. The passion for mechanics comes to us from our father, an emblematic figure of the rally raid, who transmitted to us his taste for extreme sports. From our youngest age, we have always seen him go on adventures on unique bikes modified by himself until the creation of his own car which he continues to develop. Kevin, co-founder Morex Custom.

Over time spent among the engines of cars and racing machines, the desire to build and create objects in their image naturally imposed itself. The common love for custom-made, the pleasure of riding on unique words, of surfing exceptional boards or even of wearing limited-edition clothing has gradually united individuals around the same philosophy around ride, travel and freedom.

This video is the first of a series of ten episodes written and designed to tell the story of MOREX CUSTOM . They are the result of reflection and collective work between founders, collaborators and artists. Episode 1 recounts the birth of the brand, that of a small garage in Normandy which, under the impetus of a sibling of enthusiasts, became the cradle of Morex Custom.

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