Cadillac story

Cadillac story

The beginning

This Cadillac Eldorado is the very first Morex Custom project, born before our brand even existed. Alan Morel, one of its founders and auto custom specialist, tells us about this first adventure.

”It was in 2013 that I was offered to visit a barn that had been closed for more than 20 years, in which I was told that there was a Citroën traction and an American from the 1970s which were of little interest. Barns are for me treasure chests that always make you dream.

With the hope of finding a nugget, I decide to take a look and fall madly in love with a beauty then covered in dust and cobwebs.

It is a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado model equipped with a large V8 automatic transmission, a car with impressive dimensions of more than five meters long. She really represents for me the American spirit: a very classic luxurious side with another dimension, a more "gangsta" style that reminds me of the rap clips of the 90s.

Originally involved in a simple restoration, I quickly saw the potential of this body and its customization was obvious. In the end, it was not going to quite regain its original line, but to be redesigned as a real little neo-futurist gem. To my great surprise, this car was ultimately in very good condition, it showed some superficial external corrosion points but the mechanics were very good and the machine was still running.

The problem with this kind of project is that we know the beginning without knowing exactly when it will be finished. This project took more than two years to lead to what we are presenting here, a Cadillac totally designed in our image. It was in the Morel Automobiles bodywork and paint shop that the work began when the Morex Custom workshop did not yet exist. We had to be early for two years to work before the opening time of the garage. More than 350 hours of work with the Morel workshops team were needed to bring this beautiful American back to life.

Everything has been redone down to the smallest detail. After having disassembled all the bodywork and the engine, it was necessary to take out all the interior elements of the car and to dissociate the chassis from the oversized metal bass box. Sandblasting and sanding of all parts of all elements was necessary before giving it a nice new paint job. I mounted our Eldorado with magnificent 22'' spoked rims, the body was lowered by a few centimeters to give it a sporty look. It received an incredible stainless steel exhaust line with giant rectangular outlets on each side in front of the rear wheels. For me, her style is as aggressive as the sound she produces.

The drama

This car is perfect but it no longer exists because we live in a cruel world. If its outcome was long, its destruction was rapid. Leaving the workshop on a Friday evening, after a first refueling for its new life, it was the next evening that this monster went to hell.

The Morel Automobiles body paint shop suffered a fire on Saturday October 20, 2016 and unfortunately my car was inside. Huge material and sentimental loss for me that day by helplessly watching all my work go up in flames. Uncontrollable for the firefighters, the fire took away the beauty that had become a cloud of smoke with five other cars being restored. If his soul is in heaven, I keep with emotion his relic which continues to rust before my eyes at Morel Automobiles”.

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